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Your Business Tagline


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Your Business Tagline


Your Business Tagline


You've made it to your current position so you can spend time giving strategic input & making valuable decisions.

By outsourcing tactical work; you can focus on the big ideas & your best management style for long-term success.

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The creative deliverables that you get from ALTITUDE 50, involve up-front collaboration to ensure alignment.  After that, the extent of your involvement is up to you.

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We don't rely on outmoded marketing methods or dated consulting models because they may have worked for another company years ago.  ALTITUDE 50 listens to your particular needs and desired outcomes, delivering comprehensive solutions you & your customers will value.

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President & Managing Partner


Robb has over 20 years experience delivering strategic marketing solutions

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Robb has over twenty years experience delivering creative marketing and strategic sales solutions in the Consumer Goods & Services Industry. In addition, he spent four years in the Sports Industry working in a financial capacity. He has held supervisory positions in marketing, sales, innovation and finance organizations for Koch Industries, Georgia-Pacific, Procter & Gamble and the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games. His years of experience include the creation of B2B, B2C and Corporate Sustainability platforms. As a full-time employee with the aforementioned companies, he gained insights into the nuances of working for private, public and non-profit organizations.

Although Robb has spent the majority of his career in marketing and communications leadership positions; his most recent role was that of Corporate Director of Sustainability, Strategy and Business Development working across all eleven business units within GP. Even in that capacity, Robb focused on helping each team better communicate their own sustainability story, while creating an overarching marketing framework at the corporate level.

Whether a company is a start-up or well-established; small or large; or in between... Robb understands that certain clients need the most advanced digital marketing available, while others are better-served using more traditional methods. The key is using an approach that can be effectively communicated by the client, in a manner which resonates with their current and desired customers. The ALTITUDE 50 word cloud above captures many of the functional, work-related areas where Robb and his accessible associates are most experienced and able to positively impact your organization. The other words that appear in the cloud describe tenets that Robb believes are important in connecting with others; both inside & outside of work.

Interested in business as far back as he can remember; Robb attended the University of Virginia and its undergraduate business school, the McIntire School of Commerce in Charlottesville, VA. There he earned his Bachelor of Science in Commerce (BSC) with a double major in Marketing and Management. He received his full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA), with a major in Marketing & minor in Finance at Emory University's Goizueta Business School in Atlanta, GA.